For Free Traffic, PR Tops SEO

Traditional marketing is still the best way to make customers aware of your invention PR is hands-down the most cost-effective traffic generation tool. BY ALYSON DUTCH Every Internet marketer I’ve met is staunchly defensive of direct result marketing methodologies as the only way to sell a product. Yes, more than 60 percent of products can [...]

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Excuses, Excuses

Even during the worst of times, tenacity (and more) can see entrepreneurs through The pandemic created opportunities for inventor-entrepreneurs Kym Gold and Anthony Peraino, who both showed adaptability. BY ALYSON DUTCH Economic downturns. The pandemic. There will always be reasons we are afraid to go after our dreams. But after working with startups for most [...]

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Want a Publicist? Timing is Everything

To max out coverage for your invention, understand what PR is—and isn’t Humans are followers. They need to see that someone else is doing or saying something before they notice it—let alone buy it. The press is the same. BY ALYSON DUTCH I can’t tell you how many times our PR company has received calls from [...]

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PR and Expectations

Numerous components go into satisfaction on both sides of the deal involving your invention or product A good publicist will set forth an action plan with a very specific list of tactics upon which both parties agree. BY ALYSON DUTCH Public relations, one of many marketing methodologies a startup can use to launch a product, [...]

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The Art of the Newsjack

Market your invention through PR that ties in to current events Great publicists will always be looking for things in the news that make your product or invention reportable.  BY ALYSON DUTCH Many people know that a lumberjack is a fashion inspiration for men’s flannel shirts, and the flapjack is a Sunday morning favorite with [...]

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Why PR Never Gets Old And How It’s Evolved

Despite the technological innovations of the past 20 years and living in a time now unimaginable without the internet, public relations (PR) has not aged. Rather, it has been supercharged. How we consume information has changed so radically, so why has PR remained a mainstay marketing method? The answer will likely surprise anyone under the [...]

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How Entrepreneurs Can Hone The Skill Of Optimism

I consider myself an optimist. After all, if I have the choice to ruminate on anything, why not make it something forward-facing? There are plenty who want to focus on, fight and lament the past, but there is so much to create, so I choose to look to the future. Every business leader faces this [...]

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Unraveling the Mysteries of Marketing

By Alyson Dutch Marketing. Sales. PR. Influencers. Guerilla tactics. Social media marketing. What does it all mean and which businesses should use which tactic? After 30 years bringing new products to market, I have only one answer: it depends upon the profile of your customer. If you are even slightly flummoxed by marketing, do [...]

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Post Pandemic Publicity

by Alyson Dutch As crushing as the effects of the Coronavirus have been on our lives and the economy, this experience is creating a whole new world. While some industries have been devastated, others have flourished and yet more will thrive come Q3 and Q4. As the pandemic began to play out in the [...]

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