The Art of the Newsjack

Market your invention through PR that ties in to current events Great publicists will always be looking for things in the news that make your product or invention reportable.  BY ALYSON DUTCH Many people know that a lumberjack is a fashion inspiration for men’s flannel shirts, and the flapjack is a Sunday morning favorite with [...]

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Why PR Never Gets Old And How It’s Evolved

Despite the technological innovations of the past 20 years and living in a time now unimaginable without the internet, public relations (PR) has not aged. Rather, it has been supercharged. How we consume information has changed so radically, so why has PR remained a mainstay marketing method? The answer will likely surprise anyone under the [...]

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How Entrepreneurs Can Hone The Skill Of Optimism

I consider myself an optimist. After all, if I have the choice to ruminate on anything, why not make it something forward-facing? There are plenty who want to focus on, fight and lament the past, but there is so much to create, so I choose to look to the future. Every business leader faces this [...]

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Unraveling the Mysteries of Marketing

By Alyson Dutch Marketing. Sales. PR. Influencers. Guerilla tactics. Social media marketing. What does it all mean and which businesses should use which tactic? After 30 years bringing new products to market, I have only one answer: it depends upon the profile of your customer. If you are even slightly flummoxed by marketing, do [...]

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World Connector

Few people speak and think in several languages while building a career in the highly specialized industry of interpreting. Fardad Zabetian has innovated the technology that allows presidents, princes and parliaments worldwide to be able to speak with one another. Zabetian has built a multilingual conference infrastructure through his videoconference and real-time interpretation platform, KUDO. [...]

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It’s a New Year. Be a Noisemaker!

Here’s why your competitor’s invention got on TV—and yours didn’t Notice that often, the story is not about the product itself but the product as it fits into a relevant story. BY ALYSON DUTCH Ever wonder why your competitor’s invention or product got on the local morning show and yours did not? Why that business [...]

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At Home With Style

Entrepreneurial superstar Kym Gold is obsessed with innovation, not copycats “You know you’ve done something right when you get knocked off.” —Kym Gold, founder of Style Union Home, who sold True Religion Brand Jeans for $835 million BY ALYSON DUTCH Kym Gold approaches business and intellectual property with unapologetically maverick style. Since running her first [...]

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Be the Chef

Without a focus on marketing, inventor/entrepreneurs can succumb to the daily details As time goes on, your goal is to spend more than 60 percent of your time being the chef and have other team members doing the cooking and bottle washing. BY ALYSON DUTCH Becoming an entrepreneur is supposed to be a ticket to [...]

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Star of the Fashion Fix

Former actress Amanda Horan Andereck invented seamless bra that eliminates back bulges Andereck created a prototype from a pair of control-top pantyhose and cups she snipped from an old bra, found a manufacturer, and created the product. “You can have the best product on the planet, and if no one knows about it, you will [...]

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Money for Your Operations

When seeking capital, you must decide how much ownership you want Think about how hard personal relationships are, add in the beliefs people have about money, throw some gasoline on it and then imagine what it’s like to light a match. BY ALYSON DUTCH Money. It’s a loaded word (pardon the pun), because there are [...]

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