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This website has been developed by Damian Qualter Ltd, an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, and integrated with Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft is a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) that enables BDPR to manage enquiries effectively and efficiently, as well as maintain engagement with those interested in finding out more about BDPR.

To be used to its full capability, Infusionsoft requires careful, thoughtful and creative integration. As a platform it is powerful, with intuitive tools to; segment contacts, construct campaigns, handle enquiries, manage schedules and tasks and support financial processes. Whilst very powerful as a system, it can lack the aesthetic interface that would complement a brand website when integrated. 

This is where Damain Qualter Ltd can help.

Best Apps for Infusionsoft

Being an Infusionsoft expert, Damian Qualter Ltd carefully selects specifically developed and fit-for-purpose Infusionsoft tools that embrace the power of Infusionsoft, but also look great.

These tools, or apps, are designed to add agility and compatibility to Infusionsoft to fulfil specific tasks that a business requires. Importantly, the data they provide is dropped into the overall Infusionsoft App and enhances the campaigns.

With a skilled development team, Damian Qualter Ltd will then seamlessly integrate these into a branded website, maintaining the native look and feel.

In short, Damian Qualter Ltd have worked with BDPR to develop an end-to-end Infusionsoft powered platform within a WordPress website.

To find out more about website design by Damian Qualter Ltd or need help with Infusionsoft, please contact