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Post Pandemic Publicity - BDPR

Post Pandemic Publicity

by Alyson Dutch

As crushing as the effects of the Coronavirus have been on our lives and the economy, this experience is creating a whole new world. While some industries have been devastated, others have flourished and yet more will thrive come Q3 and Q4. As the pandemic began to play out in the U.S., the first thing we did  was make a forecast a list of all the industries that we knew would not only succeed, but flourish.

As CPG launch specialists for 1000’s of products over the past 30 years, we have seen it all. In the blink of an eye, we know what works, what does not – and why.

One of our sweet spots is food – and lots of it. Our clients have included megastar nutrition bar companies like ThinkThin and bubbly empires like Taittinger and Champagne Mumm. We’ve been the publicity machine behind Macrolife Naturals, Bragg Nutritionals, Metabolife, restaurants like Sharkey’s Mexican Grill, and legends like Mrs. Fields Cookies, Coco’s and Carrows. We were the publicists behind foodie-driven events like The Grammys after-party and Pinot & Pork for Wine & Spirits Magazine. Lifestyle guru Colin Cowie chose us to launch all his entertaining bibles and we turned the largest maker of plant protein into the new meat. In short, we can read an ingredient panel, deeply debate with a food scientist and know how nutrition works in the body.

After a few months of sheltering in place, we are not the only ones whose waistlines have ballooned, and now the industries at that top of that list will come to roost. As such, we are making our services available to resurrect brands who are poised to take advantage of this new wave and excited to launch new concepts.

With this in mind, here is our forecast for the industry sectors that will spectacularly thrive in the second half of 2020:

  1. All things-diet
  2. Cooking kits
  3. Do-it-yourself and kit mixology
  4. Food-delivery businesses
  5. Gyms and personal training programs
  6. Nutritional additives and supplements
  7. Online groceries
  8. Protein-enriched foods, supplements, and beverages (specifically plant protein)
  9. Take-out only restaurants
  10. Victory garden kits
  11. Virtual cooking schools

It is our sincere hope that you also find silver linings and adapt to the changes brought about for our country and the world. As the U.S. prepares to re-open, we are here to help you find these customers; we know where they are.

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Stay safe, be strong and most of all, focus on what you do want (instead of what you fear).

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