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“Alyson’s enthusiasm is off the charts, and she goes into every project with high energy and clear goals. She was able to deliver excellent results for us with her creativity and ability to create relationships with the media. Alyson knows what messages work, and how to deliver them the right way.”




“One of the most media savvy publicists I’ve ever worked with.Very creative and original and good at gearing a pitch towards a particular media outlets focus rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.”




“Alyson is one of those creative minds that never stops. She’s forever coming to the table with new ideas/new angels. It’s absolutely unbelievable to find a PR firm that you don’t have to push to do something. Adore working with Alyson and her team”




“Alyson and her team produced and created a strategic motivational speaking tour around our brand, my skating and passion for life. Sponsors for the tour included Bloomingdales, Partnership for a Drug Free America and Virgin Records. This campaign not only served to inspire youth to identify and follow their passion but also helped facilitate significant sales results and future speaking engagements. I highly recommend Alyson.”


“Alyson is well connected and very creative. She understands the benefits of excellent PR and can execute at the highest levels. After she launched Redcliff Liqueur for us, I would recommend Alyson gladly to anyone looking for a stunning promotion.”




“I have had the pleasure of working with Alyson on more than one occasion. In every instance Alyson and her team brought creative thinking, fool proof processes, complete and timely work. With my responsibility in running national supplement brands distributing to retailers and end consumers, Alyson created awareness and strong “call’s to action” outcomes. I highly recommend Alyson and her team for any marketing endeavor. Her branding house can handle simple marketing tasks to fully integrated programs involving brand building and consumer confidence.”




“I had the pleasure of working with Alyson and her team during my tenure with ThinkProducts, a leading natural food company. Her professionalism, creativity, media contacts and drive resulted in a cost-effective campaign which generated trade and consumer awareness. Ultimately leading to the successful repositioning of the company and brand.”




“Alyson is one of those rare people I consider to be the total package. Smart, observant, creative and possessing of great people skills. A pleasure to know and to work with. She is one of the best things I discovered in California as our agency when I was with ROI.”


“While the word “consummate” is frequently overused, it is extremely apt when describing Alyson’s expertise at public relations and media strategy. I worked with Alyson when I was a TIME magazine reporter. In my current work as a communications strategist, I frequently mention Alyson’s dedicated efforts on behalf one of her fashion clients we eventually featured in TIME as a perfect example of why successful campaigns require both patience and persistence. She’s the consummate pro at making fruitful media coverage happen!”




“I met Alyson when I was working on re-branding a Social Club for Singles, I was attending an event she put on “Consumer Products Event” and when I met her she was just dazzling, highly intelligent, personable and had a great vision for this club. We brought her on board and could not have been happier. Since then we have worked together in one way or another and all I can say is she is the real deal, the real deal and one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”




“Having had the good fortune to share clients with Alyson, I’ve found her to be a terrific partner. She is both strategic and tactical and brings an energy and enthusiasm to her work that is hard to find anymore. She is a true communications pro, an asset to any team.”




“Alyson and her group are very professional and do a great job. She can be trusted to do the job,,,on time and on budget at the highest level of expertise!”