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Cuvee M Wine

Launch a new, modern and contemporary sparkling wine to the most unlikely and non traditionalcustomer for this kind of product – nightclub-going, BMW-driving, 25-45-year olds. Communicate the “hip factor” to this demographic and make it something that becomes popular in the bars, clubs and restaurants that this aspirational customer frequents.

The first thing that we did was to create a new drink recipe that played upon the unique cobalt blue packaging. We looked to create something that was yummy and striking enough to capture attention (the idea was inspired by the electric ice cubes that bars have been using lately and makes every customer’s head turn as it dances in the martini of it’s owner and ask “where can I get one of those”). The result was the Cuvee Mmmmmm Groovy Blue, a glass of champagne with a blue raspberry gumball dropped in.

We wrote an ultra creative press release, a poem directed at journalists who might choose the Cuvee Mmmmmm Groovy Blue over the obligatory Writers Martini “CHAMPAGNE AND GUMBALLS CUVEE M, A MODERN TWIST ON THE 5 O’CLOCK WRITER’S MARTINI” And a press release that differentiated Cuvee M over any other champagne on the market:

“A NEW GENERATION OF CHAMPAGNE WOWS AMERICAN BUBBLY LOVERS WITH CUVEE MMMMMMM…: BLUEPACKAGED CHAMPAGNE ENTRY WOOS HIPSTER’S HEARTS FROM TRADITIONAL FRENCH CHAMPAGNES” And, with that, we solicited press nationally to communicate the “cool” factor of the Groovy Blue as a trend that was replacing the apple martini.


In only ten months, this campaign netted the client 1600% return on investment;

• Over 450 stories landed in meaningful media outlets throughout the nation, a few highlights include:

The Late Show with Jay Leno
Eating Magazine
San Jose Mercury News
LA Weekly
Associated Press
Village Voice



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