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Brown + Dutch Public Relations is a launch agency. A what?

Well, if you have something new (or something established that needs a new customer) we’re the ones you hire.

We work with cool people we like and products and services that move us. We are into things that we know our friends in the media will like. Most of all, we have a superhero-x-ray-kind of sense for how to position products to the right customer.

What kind of clients do we take? We work in every industry, but happen to be particularly hungry for fresh and functional food, killer wine and all sorts of wonderful entrepreneurial ideas. Our clients have ranged from basketball shoes that prevent ankle sprains to fingertip toothbrushes and beyond. We’ve done a lot of work in the wedding world and have launched books, supplements, gadgets, technologies - you name it.

Our customers like to know that we customize our campaigns based on their business goals - and, we treat our client’s babies as if they were our own.

Please excuse the dust while this new site is being built. In the meantime, do the old fashioned thing and pick up the phone – we’ll answer.

Est. 1996
Malibu, California

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