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Elephant Hunting and the True Art of Marketing

by Alyson Dutch When Googling the term, “elephant hunting,” Zimbabwe, “poaching” and “trophy fees” top the list of searches, but scattered among them are a few quotes from business leaders which allude to an unfortunate syndrome suffered by many an entrepreneur. Like it sounds, elephant hunting is a very rich man’s game, it’s dangerous and [...]

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Planning Your PR: Timing is Everything

by Alyson Dutch A book about the history of income tax. A love coach. A new shower loofa. Every product and service has a specific time of the year when sales will naturally flourish. When planning your marketing, this “sweet spot” is when you should invest most heavily with time and budget. If publicity is part [...]

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Why TIME magazine will never report about you

by Alyson Dutch Have you ever heard that the definition of “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again… yet expecting a different result? Last night, I was introduced to a fascinating doctor. He was a “neurological chiropractor.” Over dinner (and a killer bottle of Italian 2004 Cabernet Franc called La Regola!) he [...]

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